How Restaurant Ceiling Lighting Can Enhance Your Guest Experience?

Restaurants are all about having great food and having a good time with your loved ones. Be it a family dinner or a quick brunch, you indeed have a go-to place in your mind. But did you know there’s a whole group of factors that gives your favorite restaurant a special place in your heart?… Continue reading How Restaurant Ceiling Lighting Can Enhance Your Guest Experience?

Why Choose Energywise Qualified For Commercial LED Lighting?

The electrical fixtures at work play a role in the productivity levels of employees and their health. The light fixtures need to complement the workspace and enhance its quality. For this to be possible, you’ll need to hire a reliable and experienced electrical contractor to plan the lighting and installation in the office. Choosing the… Continue reading Why Choose Energywise Qualified For Commercial LED Lighting?

Future Potential of Energy Efficiency

Future Potential of Energy Efficiency When it comes to evaluating the future potential of energy efficiency, there are two solutions to consider: one solution is upgrading the power generation mix with cleaner energy sources; and, the second solution is to use energy more efficiently, reducing the need for expansions in generation capacity. These two approaches are not mutually exclusive,… Continue reading Future Potential of Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Costs Less

Energy Efficiency Costs Less A recent study by ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) shows that energy efficiency costs less; a cost lower than any other new electricity resource option. What does that mean? Well, frankly, we are trending toward a day when there will not be enough capacity to provide electricity to everyone,… Continue reading Energy Efficiency Costs Less

Sustainable Energy Solutions To Avoid Peak Load Penalties

As the global community pays increasingly more attention to the finite nature of fossil fuel deposits, sustainable energy solutions for generating power are growing in popularity.

Energy Efficiency – What is It and What Are The Appropriate Measures Businesses Can Take?

As energy bills are set to increase over the next few years, there is energy saving measures that businesses can undertake, in order to save money and in turn, increase the ever important profit margins.

Energy Saving Tips For Your Workplace

Ways to Save Energy in the Office With the cost of energy increasing year to year, more people are trying to save energy and save money at home. This practice can be duplicated in the workplace, where millions of businesses are still using extreme amounts of energy and wasting a lot of money.

Think Environmentally Friendly Doesn’t Matter To You? Think Again!

It’s safe to say that humans have certainly made their mark on the planet, but unfortunately it hasn’t always been in an environmentally friendly and beneficial way. For something so delicately balanced and perfectly suited for our very survival we sure do give it a beating!

The Sustainability Challenge In Business and How to Get Buy In

We’ve all heard the saying that consumer would prefer to buy than be sold to, right? Well, after doing some reading and research, it turns out that “selling” sustainability is no different.

5 Ways To Make Your Business Green and Save your money

Ways To Make Your Business Green Environmentally friendly practices are currently on the rise and customers are becoming more and more aware of the need to use eco-friendly products and businesses. Thus it is really important your business plays a part in this trend as well, so we lend a hand by offering up some… Continue reading 5 Ways To Make Your Business Green and Save your money