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Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

EnergyWise lighting control solutions bring innovative design and “smart” features to commercial applications designed for energy efficiency, convenience and security. Our lighting control systems offer effective, precise, and cost-effective methods that satisfy functional requirements, building codes, or help you to comply with green building and energy conservation programs


Whether a networked, wireless, or hybrid solution is called for, our lighting control systems may include lighting control technology such as dimmers, motion sensors, occupancy / vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors, photosensors, and timers.

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About Energywise Solutions

Energywise Solutions is the nation’s most complete energy efficient LED lighting and building controls design, specification and supply company in Baton Rouge, LA, USA. For more than a decade, we’ve worked with business and property owners, from large national accounts to start-up mom and pops, creating customized designs and impactful energy saving solutions to promote energy efficiency in buildings. Our experience spans across market sectors that includes retail stores, restaurants, hotels, government and commercial facilities.

Looking for commercial LED lighting installation companies near me? Contact with Energywise for a complimentary consultation. Our services are FREE to those clients purchasing our LED light bulbs and fixtures.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in our features above? No sweat, our lineup of lighting and building controls is extensive, and while we don’t have every part listed on our website, we can incorporate most equipment into your control system, including HVAC, refrigeration, kitchen equipment, and more.

Manager / Hub

The Wireless Manager and Core appliance is a rugged, industrial control processor that is the heart of innovative integrated energy management systems powered by Energy Center software. The Manager coordinates all energy management functions utilizing EnergywiseNet wireless, wired Ethernet, and optional wired connectivity to third party systems to third party systems  to securely manage building functions. The compact Manager receives input from environment sensors, local controls, and metering devices throughout a facility. Based upon sensor input, schedule, local input, curtailment, and event information, adjustments to lighting, HVAC, fans, networked PCs, and plug devices are managed in real time to minimize energy waste and maximize savings. 

Dimmer Switches

The Single and Double Rocker Pads use EnOcean energy harvesting technology to communicate wirelessly with other wireless devices and provide convenient control of lighting, temperature and miscellaneous electric loads. The rocker pads are self-powered and never require batteries because the simple act of pressing the rocker generates enough energy to send a wireless signal to other EnOcean and EnergyCenter based devices. Use these rocker pads in conjunction with sensors and controls to maximize efficiency and provide a level of comfort and convenience you cannot achieve with traditional switches.

Occupancy Sensors

Saving energy without sacrificing comfort can be effortless with occupancy based controls. The Wireless Occupancy Sensor enables a new level of energy saving control for rooms, hallways and other common areas. The occupancy sensor uses radio frequency technology to communicate wirelessly with other EnergyCenter and EnOcean-enabled devices to set back temperature and turn off lights and electrical loads when a space has been unoccupied for a set period of time.

Daylight Sensors

The EnergyWise MultiSensor provides a complete lighting control node that is powered from its attached light fixture or for a room/zone. The sensor captures data that is processed locally and transmitted over the EnergyWise-Net network, enabling the full power of EnergyWise EnergyCenter and EnergyWise Insights. This specification grade, factory installed control sensor has capabilities including on/off, 0-10v continuous dimming as well as PIR Occupancy and Daylight Harvesting.

Sensor Switches

EnergyWise carries multiple wall sensor switches with either passive infrared or dual technology (PIR & ultrasonic) capabilities to control lighting in commercial spaces. The combination of both technologies enhances occupancy detection in difficult applications. DIP switch adjustable technology options to initiate the load ON and maintain the load ON with either or both technologies. The convenient “Switch Link” feature enables up to four sensors to link together for pier to pier grouping achieving expanded detection zones and multiway switching.