At EnergyWise, we offer the industry’s best selection of LED light fixtures and controls. With our diverse manufacturer network and industry expertise, we can help you pick the best options for your restaurant. 

Utilizing LED Lighting +
Controls in Restaurants

Utilizing LED Lighting +
Controls in Restaurants

At EnergyWise, our knowledge and depth of understanding of lighting, controls and the product solutions available on the latest in technology and the products available is unmatched in the industry. We know the importance of providing quality lighting solutions to businesses, and that’s why we recommend utilizing the latest LED lighting and controls technology in restaurants.

About Energywise Solutions

Energywise Solutions is the nation’s most complete energy efficient LED lighting and building controls design, specification and supply company in Baton Rouge, LA, USA. For more than a decade, we’ve worked with business and property owners, from large national accounts to start-up mom and pops, creating customized designs and impactful energy saving solutions to promote energy efficiency in buildings. Our experience spans across market sectors that includes retail stores, restaurants, hotels, government and commercial facilities.

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Benefits of LED Lighting in Restaurants

LED lighting has numerous benefits for restaurants, including improved energy efficiency, cost savings, and reduced maintenance costs. At EnergyWise Solutions, we specialize in providing energy-efficient lighting solutions, and LED lights are at the top of our list. They use less energy than traditional lighting, making them a cost-effective solution for restaurants looking to reduce their energy bills. Additionally, their lifespan is much longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

The Importance of Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are crucial in creating the desired ambiance. Dimmers, timers, and motion sensors are all essential tools in lighting control, allowing the restaurant to adjust the lighting to the desired level throughout the day. EnergyWise Solutions has extensive experience in implementing lighting control systems that optimize energy efficiency while still creating the desired ambiance for the restaurant.

Advanced Restaurant Controls with EnergyManager


EnergyManager is a lighting and equipment control system built specifically for restaurants. It is a fully customizable cloud-based, real-time performance dashboard, built around a wide range of sensors and control devices that puts the control of your restaurant at your fingertips.  


EnergyManager is the perfect solution for restaurant owners and operators looking to manage their building’s energy consumption and reduce their energy bills. Our proprietary building management system automates and controls the operation of your HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and kitchen equipment from any internet-connected location. With EnergyManager, you can say goodbye to high energy bills and equipment left running by forgetful staff.


Enhancing the Dining Experience with LED Lighting


LED lighting can create a unique and memorable dining experience by adding character and depth to the restaurant’s design. At EnergyWise Solutions, we work with our clients to design custom lighting solutions that complement the restaurant’s unique architecture and interior design. By using color-changing LED lighting, a restaurant can set the tone for special events or holidays. LED lighting can also highlight artwork, architectural features, or other design elements, creating a beautiful visual experience for diners

Designing the Perfect Lighting Scheme


The key to designing the perfect lighting scheme is to find a balance between form and function. Lighting should serve a practical purpose, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing. At EnergyWise Solutions, we take a holistic approach to lighting design, taking into account the restaurant’s unique needs, including the menu, the type of cuisine, and the atmosphere the owners and managers are looking to create. We work with our clients to create lighting solutions that are both functional and beautiful.

Choosing the Right LED Lighting and Controls


Choosing the right LED lighting and controls can be overwhelming. At EnergyWise Solutions, we work with the top manufacturers in the industry to provide our clients with the best products available. Our team of experts can guide you through the process, recommending the right products for your restaurant’s needs. The lighting designer can create a lighting plan that takes into account the restaurant’s unique architecture, layout, and design elements, ensuring that the final result is both functional and beautiful.

Utilizing LED lighting and controls in restaurants is a smart and practical decision that can significantly improve the dining experience for customers. By creating the perfect ambiance with LED lighting, a restaurant can stand out from the competition and increase customer satisfaction, resulting in repeat business and positive reviews.


To get the most out of LED lighting, it’s essential to work with an experienced lighting designer who can help you choose the right products and design the perfect lighting scheme for your restaurant. Contact Energywise Solutions today.

My original decision to upgrade was strictly based on the projected return on investment. My electric bill savings alone is over $500 per store per month."

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