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EnergyManager Restaurant Control System

EnergyManager Restaurant Control System

At EnergyWise, we offer the industry’s best selection of LED light fixtures and controls. With EnergyManager, we can monitor energy usage, reduce operations costs and provide real-time performance data allowing for optimization.

EnergyManager by Energywise:

The Ultimate Solution for Restaurants

EnergyManager by Energywise:

The Ultimate Solution for Restaurants

For restaurants, energy consumption represents a significant portion of operating expenses. With EnergyManager, restaurant owners and operators can manage and reduce these expenses, introducing benefits and savings produced by traditional building energy management systems to their establishments.


EnergyManager’s fully customizable cloud-based, real-time performance dashboard puts the control of your restaurant at your fingertips. If you have multiple locations, the dashboard allows you to instantly see combined savings and performance at a glance, with both web and mobile access. At the individual store level, you can adjust settings or override equipment.

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Key Features


Automated equipment control: Energy Manager automates equipment currently controlled by the occupied/unoccupied panel in the Manager’s Office, ensuring that your restaurant is operating at peak efficiency at all times

Customizable dashboard
: Our fully customizable cloud-based, real-time performance dashboard gives you complete visibility into your restaurant’s energy usage and performance, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to optimize your energy consumption.

Predictive alarms
: Energy Manager provides predictive alarms for safety and maintenance purposes, allowing you to identify potential issues before they become more serious and require costly repairs.

Key Benefits


Reduced energy bills: With Energy Manager, you can significantly reduce your energy bills by optimizing your energy consumption and minimizing waste.

Improved operational efficiency
: By automating your building’s energy management, you can free up your staff to focus on production and service, improving your operational efficiency and overall profitability.

Increased sustainability
: Energy Manager helps you reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint by minimizing your energy usage and waste.

Plug-and-Play Hardware and Advanced Software


EnergyManager is a plug-and-play hardware that combines advanced control and predictive diagnostics software. This reduces energy and maintenance costs at even the smallest restaurant locations. EnergyManager products are designed to allow for easy addition of control and maintenance functionality to existing stores at any stage of the store lifecycle.

Easy Integration and Additional Controls


EnergyManager’s basic packages cater for control and monitoring of lighting, signage, HVAC systems, kitchen equipment and walk-in coolers and freezers. They also allow for operations to add-on more advanced control for components such as lighting, hoods, and kitchen equipment. The system is easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into existing restaurant operations to automate functions that are routine but necessary.

Cloud-Based Predictive Diagnostics


All controllers connect with EnergyManager’s unique cloud-based predictive diagnostics engine. This gives operators visibility to the operating state of equipment. The system can provide predictive alarms that allow users to identify issues before failure occurs, allowing for low-cost repair instead of high-cost replacement.

Cost Savings and Sustainability


EnergyManager is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, and the system has been designed to help restaurants reduce their carbon footprint. By reducing energy consumption, EnergyManager can help restaurants to achieve their sustainability goals while also saving money.

An Excellent Investment for Restaurants


Overall, EnergyManager is an excellent investment for restaurant owners and operators who are looking to reduce their energy consumption and save money. The system is cost-effective, user-friendly, and environmentally-friendly, making it an excellent choice for restaurants of all sizes. With EnergyManager, restaurants can ensure that they are running as efficiently as possible, saving energy and money in the process.

In most markets across the United States, building and lighting controls like EnergyManager are covered by utility rebates, so you can count on the utility company to pay for a portion of the cost for equipment and installation.


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