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About EnergyWise

About EnergyWise

We help business owners create exceptional spaces and maximize savings with LED lighting, lighting controls and automated building controls, coupled with our design, rebate administration and utility rate brokering services.

The experts in commercial lighting solutions since 2006.

The experts in commercial lighting solutions since 2006.

Founded in 2006, EnergyWise Solutions is a family and veteran-owned design, wholesale supply, and commercial lighting company that works with architects, engineers, business owners, and contractors to create exceptional commercial spaces with LED lighting, lighting controls, and automated building controls.

We are a manufacturer’s rep and also act as a National Accounts Supplier for corporate brands across the U.S. supplying products from a network of trusted manufacturers of commercial LED lighting, wireless controls, and building automation control systems.

Our team is experienced in architectural lighting design, pre-commissioning, start-up, and commissioning lighting solutions and building controls for all commercial building types.

We support our clients with services that include schematic design, photometric design, commercial energy-efficiency rebates, and negotiated utility discounts to guarantee successful outcomes and maximize savings.

We’ve served businesses and property owners across the U.S. — from national brands like Hilton and Burger King, to start-ups and mom and pops. We’ve partnered with 1000s of retail stores, restaurants, hotels, government and commercial facilities. At EnergyWise Solutions, our combination of experience, best-in-class service, and problem-solving ability will ensure that your project gets executed on budget and on schedule.

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Our promise to you:

Our promise to you:

We pride ourselves on how our values are the cornerstone of our day-to-day decisions and prevalent in our actions everyday.

Our promise to you is to:


Be Prompt

We meet deadlines without fail. Timing can mean the difference between success and failure, so our commitment is to stay on top of timelines to help you meet your deadlines.

Be Available

We are always available for support, education, hand-holding and anything else our clients need. We understand that our clients rely upon us for our expertise and guidance to help make their lives and jobs easier.

Be Trustworthy

We do what we say, and say what we do. Our clients count on us to be there when they need us, and to do so with diligence and transparency.

Be a Problem Solver

Always be transparent and ready to solve problems as they arise. Challenges are guaranteed to arise during construction work and while working with multi-disciplinary team – our job is to be a collaborative team player that proactively comes up with solutions.


Our team of experts is led by our leadership team.

Scott and Jennifer

Scott Van Kerkhove

President + CEO

Scott is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, having  served in the Gulf War in 1991. His experience spans the past 20 years working in the construction industry focused on increasing  energy efficiency in buildings. He is the  co-founder of EnergyWise Solutions, the  nation’s most complete energy-efficient LED lighting and building controls design,  specification and supply firm.

Scott has built a multi-dimensional and  international team of professionals to take  EnergyWise Solutions from its inception  to market leader. Scott’s professional background includes business development, marketing, finance, systems design  and operations. Prior to his work in the  construction industry, he spent almost  two decades in managerial and executive management positions in healthcare facilities across the U.S.

Scott holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Southern Illinois  University.

Jennifer Van Kerkhove

Vice President – Operations

Jennifer is the co-founder and VP of  Operations at EnergyWise Solutions. She  offers more than 25 years in managerial,  executive management and operational  experience, specifically in the construction  and mortgage industries. As a certified LEED professional and RESNET HERS rater, she has served as the lead  consultant for projects that include LEED  for Schools, the State of Louisiana HERO  program, and the USDA-REAP Grants and  Loans program.

At EnergyWise Solutions, Jennifer utilizes her experience in construction, knowledge of building science and passion for energy  efficiency in buildings to help her clients  achieve their financial, performance and  sustainability goals.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Louisiana State University.

Providing lighting solutions and more.

We holistically approach lighting and building control systems—from innovative lighting designs, to 3D modeling to sourcing, logistics, and rebate administration—EnergyWise is your partner for all of your lighting and control needs.