Self Storage Facilities

Self Storage Facilities

At EnergyWise, we offer the industry’s best selection of LED light fixtures and controls. With our diverse manufacturer network and industry expertise, we can help you pick the best options for your self-storage facilities. 

LED Lighting + Controls

LED Lighting + Controls

At EnergyWise, our knowledge and depth of understanding of LED lighting and the product solutions available on the market is unparalleled. Our ability to stay current and up-to-date on the latest in LED technology and the products available is unmatched in the industry.


Installing energy-efficient lighting in storage facilities helps to control the cost of these units and provides owners and managers with higher savings due to lower energy costs. Utilizing LED lighting in storage facilities results in approximately 40-50% or more in energy savings depending on the fixtures used and the control systems implemented.

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Utilizing LED Lighting + Controls in Self-Storage Facilities


We can help you achieve long-term energy savings utilizing energy-efficient lighting and lighting controls. Since lighting accounts for about 30% of electricity use, these changes significantly reduce energy bills by minimizing payback periods and providing solid ROIs. LED fixtures ​​utilize up to 80% less energy than energy-intensive metal halide and mercury vapor options.


Depending on the size of the facility, owners and managers can expect to see reduced energy expenses within the first few months of installing LED lights.


LED lighting and energy-efficient alternatives are more durable, last longer (about 100,000 hours) and come with up to a 10-year warranty. These fixtures outperform other lighting types and provide the added advantage of generating way less heat; thus having the added benefit of reducing cooling costs when temperatures are high. LED lighting achieves low maintenance costs and energy savings without compromising the light quality.


Placement of lights can impact customer comfort and safety as well as brightness and ultimately cost. We recommend placing fixtures throughout the hallways. Proper interior lumen output is dependent on the height of the ceilings within the space and the type of fixture installed there. Wall-mounted, high-powered fixtures can be positioned so that the light is cast into the unit as well as throughout the hallway. Mounting fixtures overhead and high enough to cast a wide light spread will allow for ample lumens to light both the hallway and the unit itself.


Uniform lighting distribution is not only important for interior logistics but exterior as well. Properly lighting parking lots and the exterior of buildings on site will further increase safety on the property. Outdoor lighting is important for the storage facilities that operate 24/7. Upgrading to LED lighting gives you the power to reduce your energy consumption while maintaining the illumination levels you need to keep the facility safe.


Specifically, using LED light strips to mark the perimeter provides additional lighting to improve visibility and safety as well as improves the quality of CCTV footage.


Integrating advanced lighting controls into your self-storage facilities can increase energy savings and reduce operation costs even more. For facility owners, managers, tenants, and potential customers, lighting controls allow you to maximize the energy-saving potential of LED lighting. Controls ensure that lights are used only when they are needed, prolonging their lifecycle even further.


We recommend integrating motion sensors (vacancy sensors and occupancy sensors), automatic switches, a time clock for scheduling on/off during daylight hours, and security alarms. Combining LED fixtures with lighting controls can cut down energy waste by up to 10%, further reducing your operating costs.


To increase energy efficiency, motion sensors and dimming capabilities can be included directly on LED light fixtures. In areas of low traffic and use, lighting fixtures can be dimmed at certain times or automatically turn off until movement is detected. This type of energy management system is ideal in centers that operate 24/7 to reduce energy costs.

Lighting controls in self-storage facilities are used to vary the intensity and duration of use of the LED lights. These systems conserve energy, reduce cost, and extend the lifecycle of your fixtures. 

My original decision to upgrade was strictly based on the projected return on investment. My electric bill savings alone is over $500 per store per month."

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