How Lighting Controls Improve Self-Storage Facilities

Although most storage facility owners and managers have embraced the advantages of using commercial LED lighting, relatively few utilize the next step – advanced lighting controls. Integrating lighting controls aim to deliver convenience, flexibility, security, and energy efficiency. For facility owners, managers, tenants, and potential customers – lighting controls improve self-storage facilities. Let’s take a… Continue reading How Lighting Controls Improve Self-Storage Facilities

Highlights of the New Inflation Reduction Act

Will the Inflation Reduction Act impact the construction industry, commercial lighting contractors, energy efficient lighting, and lighting controls? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the new Act, and how it might impact the lighting and lighting control industry.

Sustainable Energy Solutions To Avoid Peak Load Penalties

As the global community pays increasingly more attention to the finite nature of fossil fuel deposits, sustainable energy solutions for generating power are growing in popularity.

Energy Efficiency – What is It and What Are The Appropriate Measures Businesses Can Take?

As energy bills are set to increase over the next few years, there is energy saving measures that businesses can undertake, in order to save money and in turn, increase the ever important profit margins.

Energy Saving Tips For Your Workplace

Ways to Save Energy in the Office With the cost of energy increasing year to year, more people are trying to save energy and save money at home. This practice can be duplicated in the workplace, where millions of businesses are still using extreme amounts of energy and wasting a lot of money.