Solar Alive in Louisiana


Proponents Help Keep Solar Alive in Louisiana

Thanks to the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Vote Solar Initiative and others who worked diligently to keep solar alive in Louisiana.

Last week, the Louisiana Public Service Commission decided to conduct one solar panel cost and benefit study of the value of solar and continue Louisiana’s current net metering policy! Solar advocates have been calling for such a study for months to keep solar alive in Louisiana, and Energywise applauds the decision by the PCS as an important step forward to enabling continued consumer choice and solar energy job growth in Louisiana.

A recent poll conducted by Edward Chervanak, PhD, showed that residents overwhelmingly support the initiative to keep solar alive in Louisiana. More that 4 out of 5 respondents to the survey support  preserving retail net metering credits that were at risk of being eliminated.

Read more on keeping Solar Alive in Louisiana in an article by the Vote Solar Initiative.

Scott Van Kerkhove is the CEO of EnergyWise Solutions LLC and writes on issues surrounding global energy management, sustainability and renewable energy.

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