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LED Lighting Fixtures For Commercial Office

LED lighting Fixtures for commercial office is much more than installing a bunch of lights around the space and calling it done. The changing times call for comprehensive solutions that revamp the office space and inspire employees to be more productive. At the same time, energy efficiency and employee health should also be considered.

LED Lighting Fixtures for office should neither be too bright nor too dim. The lights should be installed at proper locations around the room. The angle of the lighting, the size of the fixtures, and even the color of the lights play a vital role in creating the right atmosphere for employees to work.

Follow the Office Lighting Standards

Naturally, when choosing commercial electric LED light fixtures you’ve got to consider the US General Services Administration (GSA) regulations that specify that a normal workstation should have 500 Lumens per sq meter.
In simple words, every 6’*6’ cubicle should have a light equivalent to the one produced by a 35-watt bulb. A desk lamp usually has 60 watts and produces 800 Lumens. This sounds easier to understand, doesn’t it?

Now, calculate the number of LED lights you’ll need to cover the workspace in your establishment.

LED for Commercial Office LED Lighting  is considered an energy-efficient choice for commercial use. Since the office requires a lot more energy than a residential building, LED lights have high demand. In fact, LED lights offer various other advantages such as-

  • Cost efficiency
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Brightness adjustments
  • Longer lifespan
  • No Infrared radiation
  • Employee Health and Safety

The commercial office LED light fixtures shouldn’t cause headaches, nausea, or other health problems with employees. LED lights offer a safer solution as they don’t interfere with employees’ health or disturb their sleep patterns by affecting their minds.

Though natural light cannot be replaced, LED lights can be brightened to resemble natural light that acts as a substitute. This prevents employees from tiring faster or feeling cranky and irritable at work.

Workstation Layout and Arrangement

The office lighting fixture should align with the overall office layout. Where are the desks and computers located? The positioning of computers and screens will determine the positioning of the lights. Improper placement can cause washouts, where there’s too much brightness that prevents the user from seeing what’s on the screen. The opposite scenario is just as bad for the eyes. The task lighting should be adjustable, while the fixtures have to be carefully planned based on the workstation’s layout.

Start Fresh and Plan from the Scratch

It’s always recommended to start planning the LED office lighting fixtures from scratch. Even if the office building is old, it’s necessary to look for alternate ways to create a productive and healthy workspace for employees and a cost-effective solution for your business.

Energywise Solutions offers energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial establishments of all sizes and industries. The company has been providing cost-effective and energy-saving solutions to numerous clients in USA. Energywise offers free services to customers who buy the outdoor led light fixtures commercial from them.

Illuminate your space with these beautiful, sustainable, diverse LED lighting options.

LED Downlight

Emit more light while using less energy. Our LED Downlights are perfect for indoor or outdoor lighting from any ceiling. They can be positioned to emit broad light or used for a spotlight effect.

LED Tubes

Replace traditional fluorescent tube lights with LED Milano Series tubes that offer better light for less! Reduce costs and energy consumption by 50% or more when you install or retrofit LED tubes into your new or existing business.

LED bulbs on white background

LED Bulbs

Say goodbye to incandescent bulbs and say hello to savings! Our eco-friendly Tuscay Series LED bulbs offer a 50,000+ hour lifespan without UV emissions, heavy metals, or high voltage headaches.


Enjoy an outstanding output of light with minimal energy consumption. Our LED PAR bulbs are incredibly versatile, and are often used as downlights, floodlights, or spotlights in commercial buildings.

LED bulbs on white background

LED Area Light

Want 100,000+ hours of lamp lifespan in an incredibly sleek, eco-friendly design? Then check out our Florence Series LED Area Light, your go-to fixture for high angle brightness and exciting distribution patterns.
LED bulbs on white background

Soffit Light

Illuminate indoor and outdoor soffits with our Bologna Series Soffit Light. With its flush mounting design and 60,000+ hour lifespan, your hard-to-light spaces and underside spaces will never look better!

Canopy Light

Cover unsightly ceiling boxes with our eco-friendly Bologna Series Canopy Light, the perfect replacement for outdated HID lamps and metal halide fixtures. Enjoy a 70,000+ hour lamp lifespan, reliable anti-explosion construction, and our EnergyWise 5-year warranty.
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Cooler Lighting

Get ready for a flicker-free lighting fixture that illuminates your cooler at forty below! Our cooler lighting fixtures offer an eco-friendly solution to traditional fluorescent fixtures that buzz, hum, and flicker, all while giving pitch-perfect performance from -40° to 140°!
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LED Flat Panel

Retrofit your suspended ceiling with an LED Flat Panel, a versatile energy-saving solution for commercial and office environments. Also perfect for T-Bar ceilings, flat panels boost productivity and employee mood while offering diverse light distribution.

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Solo Troffer on white background

EW LED Troffer

Our LED Troffer lights offer digital ambient lighting for recessed ceilings. Enjoy perfectly consistent color, easy installation, and 60,000+ hours of service life.