Building Controls

LED Lighting Controls

LED Lighting Controls

As a leading provider of energy management, building controls, automation and gas detection solutions for building owners, we offer 21stcentury solutions combined with unparalleled support.

Simple, efficient led lighting
controls and solutions.

Simple, efficient lighting
controls and solutions.

EnergyWise’s LED lighting controls and systems make complex functionality simple. Our team of engineers design advanced lighting control systems that meet current energy code requirements and reduce energy consumption.

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Automated systems to increase safety, comfort and efficiency.

Automated systems to increase safety, comfort and efficiency.

Introducing A Smarter Building Management System

Tired of high energy bills? Does your staff forget to turn off equipment and lighting?


Our proprietary building management system, EnergyManager, is a fully automated and customizable building control system designed to fit around the exact needs of your building and operations. EnergyManager’s proprietary building management system automates and controls the operation of your HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and utilities from any internet-connected location. With your space regulated by automated building management and controls, your staff will have more time to focus on production and service.


As a provider of energy management, building controls, automation and gas detection solutions for building owners, we offer 21st-century solutions combined with unparalleled support.

With our advanced controls and predictive diagnostics, we’re able to implement an automated system that regulates energy consumption and slashes energy costs. Regardless of the project or building type, with EnergyManager’s easy installation and instant monitoring capabilities, it’s possible to start saving at any stage of your space’s life cycle.

Benefits of utilizing building control systems

  • Average ROI in just 12-24 months
  • Automate energy savings with the touch of a button
  • Reduce monthly energy bills
  • Decrease your business’s carbon footprint
  • Accurately predict energy consumption and costs

Benefits of utilizing building control systems

  • Plug ‘n play hardware that’s simple to install
  • Advanced control and predictive diagnostics software
  • Reduces energy and maintenance costs in both large and small buildings
  • Automatically monitors and reduces the energy consumption of your air conditioning systems and walk-in coolers
  • Maximizes equipment up-time and ensures the highest level of food quality and safety
  • Easy add-on controls for lighting, hoods and kitchen equipment
  • Fully customizable cloud based, real-time performance dashboard gives you an instant, visual snapshot of your equipment’s operating state– allowing for low-cost repairs instead of high-cost replacements
  • Predictive alarms for safety and maintenance purposes

Reduce energy costs + increase revenue

Increase efficiency + equipment life

Worry less + focus on customer satisfaction

EnergyManager Lite:
  • Replaces current manual switch controlled system.
  • Automates the occupied/unoccupied operation of your kitchen equipment, hoods, HVAC, signs, and lighting.
  • Eliminates the need to hardwire equipment.
  • Reduces energy costs with more efficient equipment operation.
  • Increases equipment life due to minimized run times.
  • Cost neutral to current equipment.

EnergyManager Pro:

  • Provides more control by automating and regulating HVAC, refrigeration and freezer equipment.
  • Delivers maximum staff and guest comfort with a temperature controlled environment.
  • Reduces utility costs by up to 20% by adjusting the temperature during nonworking hours.
  • Eliminates food safety risk and spoilage with refrigeration temperature alerts.
  • Verified ROI in less than 180 days.

My original decision to upgrade was strictly based on the projected return on investment. My electric bill savings alone is over $500 per store per month."

Providing lighting
solutions and more.

Providing lighting
solutions and more.

We holistically approach lighting
and building control systems—from
innovative lighting designs, to 3D
modeling to sourcing, logistics, and
rebate administration—EnergyWise is
your partner for all of your lighting and
control needs.