5 Ways To Make Your Business Green and Save your money


5 Green Business Ideas to Start Greening Your Business

Environmentally friendly practices are currently on the rise and customers are becoming more and more aware of the need to use eco-friendly products and businesses. Thus it is really important your business plays a part in this trend as well, so we lend a hand by offering up some advice on 5 green business ideas To make your business green.

Not only will it help you save money and the environment it will also guarantee your business is more respected within the community. Here are five ways to start making your business green.

1. Use Post-Consumer Waste Paper Products And Packaging

The first step to take is to start reducing the amount of paper you use around the office. Try to limit the use to as minimum as you can. When you do use paper Forbes recommends using post-consumer waste (PWC) paper products. PWC paper is made from entirely recycled material and can help you use 45% less energy than if you opt for normal paper.

This can help you a great deal to get started with your green project and it is a very simple thing to do. The quality of PWC isn’t really any worse than normal paper and the only difference is the darker colour of the paper.

2. Start Recycling

It is also really important to start recycling around the office. Make sure you look into different recycling methods and find the ways that work well for you. There are a lot of simple solutions especially designed for use at the office and these will make recycling happen naturally.

The key thing to start recycling with is naturally paper. Another part your office should focus recycling is the food waste you produce and you can even perhaps start using compost if you have a small garden near your office.

3. Energy Efficient Products

The best way your business can save a lot of money as well as help the environment is to start using energy efficient products, such as LED lighting. Switching your lamps to LEDs can help you cut down your utility bill a lot because they use 75% less energy than the normal bulbs.

4. Environmentally Friendly Office Building

If you are looking to renovate your office building or even build a new one it is a good idea to look into environmentally friendly building. There are a lot of innovations going on in the construction business and a lot of very cost effective solutions.

One specific material that has been shown to not only be eco-friendly but to help improve the way we focus and function is ETFE material. This translucent material allows natural light to flow into the room and natural light will help people concentrate better. In the UK Vector Foiltec for ETFE materials is the leading innovator in the field.

5. Choose Other Green Companies To Partner With

Your business can also influence environmentally friendly choices by making sure you prefer to do business with other green companies. When you are looking for a new contractor, for instance, ask about their green credentials beforehand to ensure the company places importance in green values as well.

Jonathan is into finding eco-friendly solutions to help out small businesses function better as well. He believes green solutions can help businesses save money while also benefitting the environment. When he wants to unwind Jonathan likes to go fishing.