Commercial  Lighting Design, Fixtures & Controls

We make your spaces better.

Commercial Lighting Design, Fixtures & Controls

We make your spaces better.

LED Lighting Contractors: The Experts in Commercial Lighting Solutions

We help businesses create exceptional experiences for their customers and save money every month with LED lighting solutions, lighting controls and automated building controls.

Roger Franz
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“By far the best in the industry…”

“EnergyWise’s customer service is by far the best that I’ve dealt with in the industry. If there is an issue with a plan, a light, or an order they handle it right away no questions asked. That is really hard to find these days in the development and construction industry.”

-Roger Franz, Principal
Net Lease Development

We make your spaces brighter.

We make your spaces brighter.

LED lighting brings life to your spaces and creates an inviting environment that encourages your staff and customers to feel comfortable.

Innovative Lighting Design

Our commercial LED lighting contractors will help you create an inspiring lighting design for your spaces that accents your decor and improves your customer experience.

Optimized Lighting Plans

Take the guesswork out of your lighting design. We’ll run a photometric analysis to ensure that you have light where you need it, and not where you don’t.

Equipment Sourcing &
Commercial Lighting Supply

Choose the industry’s best selection of commercial LED light fixtures and controls. We’ll tap into our manufacturer network to find you the perfect package to execute your plan within your budget.

Done-for-You Logistics

We deliver on schedule and on time. Get automated tracking updates on lead times, order status, and shipments. If anything unexpected occurs, we jump in to solve problems and keep your project on schedule.

We make your spaces smarter.

We make your spaces smarter.

We’ll help you bring your stores into the 21st century with analog or automated network-based building and lighting controls that simplify your life and comply with changes in updated energy codes.

Automate your building controls

Incorporating building controls requires a holistic approach. We’ll create a plan that includes control of your lighting and other equipment, like HVAC and refrigeration, to make life easier and extend the life of your equipment.

Boost your energy savings

Modern “smart” control panels and occupancy sensors automate your energy savings. From occupancy sensors to temperature regulation, smart systems help you simplify and save!

Improve your guests comfort

We realize how important your store’s environment is to your guests. When lighting levels and temperature are automatically set to optimum levels, it boosts repeat customer visits and grows your bottom line.

Kevin Newell
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“We’re saving $300 per month per store”

“We use their energy management system and when we made the transition we were saving on the average of $300-$400 per month per store. So as we’d build new stores we just put them in every one. I would absolutely recommend EnergyWise. The service they provide I think is second to none.”

– Kevin Newell, Owner 

Supreme Foods (Multi-Brand Restaurant Operator)

We make your spaces easier.

We make your spaces easier.

We’re a service-oriented company and we’re dedicated to making lighting design, specification, and procurement an afterthought for your team. We’re here whenever you need us.

At-Your-Service Support

You’ve got enough to worry about, let us handle the lights! We always answer the phone and respond to messages promptly. And we’re proactive about solving problems to keep your project moving forward.

Automatic Order Updates

Don’t find yourself searching for a critical part at the last moment. We send daily updates on the status of each order, so that you always know when your order is expected to arrive.

Exclusive Rebate Administration

Your local power company may offer commercial LED lighting rebates for installing energy-efficient lighting. We’ll find out if they do and file the paperwork for you to ensure you get the biggest rebate possible.

Worry-Free Warranty Service

When something goes wrong with a fixture that’s under warranty, just contact us. We’ll do the legwork to get you the replacement you need to keep your business running.

Lighting + controls partner to the nation’s top companies:

We’re EnergyWise Solutions LLC and we’re here to serve you!

As the nation’s expert in commercial LED lighting, we provide complete energy-efficient LED lighting and building control solutions. We approach lighting holistically and can handle all your design, supply, specification and problem-solving needs.

Since 2006, we’ve worked with business and property owners— from national brands like Hilton and Burger King to start-ups and mom and pops— to create customized designs and innovative energy-saving lighting solutions.

We’ve partnered with 1000’s of retail stores, restaurants, hotels, government and commercial facilities. And we’d love to make your next project the easiest and most worry-free building experience you’ve ever had. 

So reach out to us below and tell us how we can help you!

Make your next lighting project your easiest building experience ever

Send us a message and tell us how we can help you. We’ll get back to you within one business day.

Brian Arnold
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“They’ve been fantastic to work with”

“EnergyWise is really unique—they’re not just trying to sell you a product, they are more than that. They take care of the product, the install, the paperwork.

They have earned our business. In the true sense of a partnership they care about the customer and they just get results for everyone”

– Brian Arnold, Chief Development Officer
GPS Hospitality

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