6 Secrets Behind Your Supermarket’s Layout Includes LED Cooler Lighting


Believe it or not, running a supermarket isn’t just business, it’s a science. Don’t believe me? Here are 6 secrets behind your supermarket’s layout that will make you think twice the next time you visit the place, including the use of LED cooler lighting in display cases.

LED Cooler Lighting Keeps Items Out of the Dark

Supermarkets use well-lit coolers to attract customers to refrigerated and frozen display cases, and LED cooler lighting helps to make those cases really stand out. Next time you walk through that section of your supermarket check out the bright, sparkling coolers and rate them on their ability to command your attention.  Chances are, if they are using LED cooler lighting versus the old fluorescent lighting, you should notice the difference.

Fresh Produce at the Front

Supermarkets want to make the best impression as soon as you walk in. Hence, the fresh produce section is the first thing that you always see. The red delicious apples and bright green broccoli paint a very wholesome picture and reassure you that you have come to the right place. Fresh produce may not be one of the most profitable sections in a supermarket, but it sure is invaluable for creating the right atmosphere.

There’s More to the Bakery Than Meets the Eye

The first time bakeries started opening up in supermarkets, it was so that the supermarket could move more product and provide customers with greater variety. However, most supermarket owners and chains were still sceptical about sending dough on baking equipment. Opening a bakery had an unexpected effect. The smell emanating from the bakery helped boost overall sales! Research found that the smell of freshly baked goods made people hungry and more willing to spend money.

Perishables on the Perimeter

No matter where you are in the world, all supermarkets follow one rule diligently: perishable on the perimeter and everything else in the center aisles. Why is it so? To be honest, no one really knows for sure. Researchers in the US ran experiments in which display fridges and freezers for meat and milk were put in the centre aisles. The test supermarkets saw a substantial drop in their sales. No one can really explain the phenomenon, but supermarkets play it safe and have the perishable stocked on the outside, with the center aisles dedicated to things like canned goods and toilet paper.

Eye Level Placement Matters

Where on a shelf would you consider to be the best place for a product? If you said eye-level, you would be absolutely correct. More to the point, the best place is at average eye-level for a female customer. Eye level is where are all the products clamour to be and it is also here that supermarkets put the most famous brands. However, it isn’t just adults that are targeted. Healthy cereals are stacked above, while sugar-coated cereals in brightly coloured boxes are on the lower shelves; eye level for children.

Essentials at the Back

Many times I have found myself asking why I have to walk all the way to the back of the supermarket just to pick up some milk. Turns out, there is a method behind this madness. On your way to the back, you are exposed to numerous products and that is exactly what the supermarket’s goal is. What would be the best things to put in the back? Why of course, essentials like milk and eggs.

The next time you grab a shopping cart and head into a supermarket, keep an eye out for these 6 marketing ploys. It really helps you develop a newfound appreciation for just what a good job your local supermarket owners do.

This article is submitted by George Daniels. He is a professional chef who specializes in Italian and Continental cuisines. He says having display refrigeration ensures that your dishes are in perfectly good condition without having to check again and again. Having LED cooler lighting in place also insures that you won’t be in the dark trying to find them.

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