Why Choose Energywise Qualified For Commercial LED Lighting?


The electrical fixtures at work play a role in the productivity levels of employees and their health. The light fixtures need to complement the workspace and enhance its quality. For this to be possible, you’ll need to hire a reliable and experienced electrical contractor to plan the lighting and installation in the office.

Choosing the wrong contractor can result not just in monetary loss but also risk the building and employees’ lives due to power shortages. If your office has any of the below issues, it’s crucial that you immediately contact certified commercial LED lighting contractors and get the entire wiring and lighting tested.

What is Risky at Work?

  • Lights that flicker and dim at random times
  • Electric outlets that grow warm being in use for a while
  • Buzzing and static sounds that mean there’s something really wrong
  • Fuse wire boxes that sign or release an occasional spark
  • A faint burning smell (highly dangerous)
  • Tripping of circuits leads to bigger issues

Why Choose Qualified LED Lighting Contractors 

The LED electric light fixtures can change your office space and give it a fresh lease of life. However, it is recommended to find a contractor who understands the office layout, knows what you want, and offers a solution that ticks all boxes. Budget, safety, appearance, maintenance, etc., are equally important when it comes it commercial lighting.

  • Trained and certified professionals are more capable of handling the intricacies of lighting and various electric connections.
  • The contractors know which LED lights are the best choices for your office requirements.
  • Expertise cannot be substituted.
  • Companies offer free or discounted services when you buy LED lights from them.
  • It’s good to have a range of options to choose from when finalizing the lighting for a commercial building.
  • Qualified lighting contractors work with establishments of various sizes and have a broader perspective.
  • The contractors already know the US Office Lighting Standards and requirements. They can offer viable and budget-friendly suggestions without compromising on quality or safety.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Lighting Contractors 

Whether you’re hiring a landscape contractor for outdoor commercial LED lighting or an electrical contractor for office space fixtures, keep the following factors in mind.

  • Recommendation and Reviews

If the company or the contractor comes highly recommended from someone you trust, you can be assured that they’ll deliver the results. Read the reviews on the internet to get a basic idea of how the contractor works. You want a company that will take care of the LED lighting as promised so that you can be stress-free.

  • Open Communication

How willing is the contractor or the representative from the company in answering your questions and queries? Are they responding to your calls and messages? How much information do they share with you? If the response from the contractor is lukewarm, it could be a potential red flag.

  • Not Too Cheap 

Cost-effective is not the same as cheap. Even though LED light fixtures are not expensive, getting them for a throwaway price is not possible. A reputed company knows how to offer quality for a competitive price.

  • Portfolio

Ask the lighting contractor to share details about their previous projects. Have they worked with similar commercial establishments? Can they deal with the kind of issues your office has?

Energywise Solutions is an USA based company that offers energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to various businesses. Be it offices, restaurants, retail stores or government agencies, the company has clients from different sectors. If you’re on the lookout of an experienced and certified commercial LED lighting contractor, contact Energywise for a complimentary consultation.