8 Tips for Hiring a Landscape Lighting Contractors


Lawns are the indicator of the social and economic status of a house. A well-maintained landscape with impeccable lighting adds to the beauty and overall appearance of a house.

Setting up an aesthetically pleasing landscape lighting system requires skill, artistry, and a knack for creativity. You don’t want just a random guy doing the job. You need a landscape lighting contractors for it.

However, it gets daunting to choose a legit landscape contractor when you have never done it before.

But don’t worry. Here are eight points you can keep in mind before booking hiring a landscape contractor to ensure you hand over the task in the right hands:

1) Ask for the landscape contractor’s qualification and experience

Have they studied the vocation? Do they have affiliation with organizations setting standards within the industry? Have they ever been awarded for their design skills or recognized on the national level?

You want to make sure you are not handing the job over to just anyone, and whether or not they have experience with commercial landscape lighting fixtures.

2) Check their references

A skilled contractor who is experienced and loves his craft should be able to steer you to their previous clients unhesitantly.

When you talk to them, ask if they are satisfied with their work and how they would rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, ask if there is anything, in particular, they didn’t like or expected from the contractor.

And if you get an opportunity to visit their place and see the contractor’s work for yourself, do it.

3) Ensure the images on the landscape contractor’s website are legit

When you go to the contractor’s website to look at their portfolio, make sure the work displayed by them is done. A qualified contractor should have an impressive gallery that showcases their work, not someone else’s.

4) Make sure lighting is their sole focus

You don’t want to work with a jack-of-all-trades, right. Make sure you hire a skilled contractor who has expertise in landscape lighting, and it’s their work on a day-to-day basis.

5) Ask them about the quality of material being used

This is one of the crucial points to keep in mind. Your landscape lighting system will work and look great if the quality of material used is superior.

Many contractors endeavor to save money by using low-quality equipment, and you do not want it to happen, right? So, communicate to them what you are seeking in the first place.

Some contractors use equipment crafted of brass and copper, not low-quality composite plastic or aluminum.

The day your lighting system is set up, nature starts corroding it slowly. The sunlight, moisture present in the air begin degrading the material. Insects can also wriggle into fixtures and nest into them if they’re not covered properly.

So, it’s recommended to have proper supervision and care of such commercial LED lighting fixtures.

6) Be sure that the landscape contractor is willing to work with you

You are not spending peanuts. You are paying a significant amount from your bank. So see if the contractor is abiding by the obligations.

If you get a sense of “their way or the highway” from them, ditch them.

Your designer should be asking you questions about the ideas you have in your head, maybe inspirations, your lifestyle, etc. And that’s the only way you’ll get the kind of lighting you desire for.

7) Ask them if the work is covered under warranty

If your contractor is experienced and knows what he is doing, he should provide a warranty on his work.

Ask if he can give a warranty for more than a year as there are always some chances of the system or some parts getting malfunctioned.

8) Sign a detailed landscape lighting contract

Sign only a contract that spells out clearly what will be done (with deadlines), payment schedule, and the raw materials used.

Any changes in the landscape lighting plan along the way should add a written “change order” that includes the additional work, its cost, and material.

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